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The indisputable communication
phenomena of today is

The Super Highway
The World Wide Web

Please Note: This is a FREE Service that comes with 'Part Time Work, Full Time Money'. E-Book, CD or Video.

In the UK alone some 10,000 people are connecting to the Internet every week. In the USA the figure is approximately 80,000 per week.  Great Britain has on average 112 more businesses connecting and advertising on the World Wide Web every day.  All the major commercial companies have realised and now utilised the power of the super highway, and, are speeding into gear. 


You have three options:-


1. Bury your head in the sand hoping the Internet may never amount to anything worth your time;

2. Spend months, even years, trying to get to grips with the new advanced technology or

3. Have somebody else take away the headaches, heartaches and pains of getting your business noticed, not just only on the high street (so to speak), but on the super highway, the World Wide Web (WWW).

Hardly a day goes by without and advert on TV, a newspaper article, or a social chat which doesn't refer to the Internet in some way.



I have been a photographer for many years and have covered many thousands of bookings. Marketing my business was not only initially expensive, but hard work and time consuming. Now, I only work part-time with about 4 months off a year. I believe this is partly due to the power of the Internet. I have learnt the phenomenal success of marketing my business with this new median.  Now for the first time ever I am helping other photographers market their services too with an unbelievable offer. are offering completely free web site home pages including artwork, design and layout.  In other words, WorldPhotographers will produce your site from concept to completion at no charge. You don't even need a direct connection to the Internet.

You may have seen just about everywhere you look on the Internet, one company or another offering you free web space. Beware and do not confuse the two.

 Web space alone is like an empty room, with nothing in it, it can do nothing. Web space full of quality promotional material recommending your services, is another world.  Working for you day and night, 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year, and you don't even need to be at your door to let them in.  Your site can be available for as long as you want it.



We have a lot of experience producing web sites and you are welcome to visit some of our sites.


 World Judo  Charities Partnership  Marie Martin I.D.S.

The Animal Retreat  Kent Association

Official Fiji Site

The services and offers for photographers vary from time to time. Email for the latest offers to check they are the same as above.

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