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Wow, you'll never know how exciting it is to be here, finally finishing a long long project that has taken me to hell and back....Or maybe, just maybe you will. Because by the end of what I am about to show you there will be no reason in the world that I foresee why you could not be earning fantastic money in less time than you ever thought possible. And I'll show you how.

First off, you must ask yourself, have I motivation and drive? Do I want success in my life and the rewards it brings with it? If your answer is: I'm not sure or maybe, then read no further, because I'm not the man for you. However if your answer is YES, YES AND 100% YES then I'll help you in every way I can.

Earn Big Money, No Experience Needed, Get Free Processing. I produce 50,000+ photos a year and have now been trading as a professional photographer for many years.



Earn big money, no experience needed, get free processing. I produce 50,000+ photos a year and have now been trading as a professional photographer for many years. When I started, I had no more experience than an amateur taking possibly 3 films a year on holiday, but now, I have bookings daily, weekly and monthly. In fact, I get more work than I can handle personally and I'm often training up more photographers. I sometimes have up to 14 people assisting me. It wasn't always this way. Once I knew how, it was easy to go from A-Z, but when starting out I fell into many pitfalls along the way, often costing me dearly. I have now personally taken up to 1,000 subjects in one day. Add it up any way you like - that spells a lot of money! I'm now well established and believe my career that I have built from scratch is continuing to expand and has made me financially secure.

I now only work part-time,
Often having 4 months off a year
But Earn Full Time Money

You Can Too

This business venture can be operated from home keeping your overheads down and your profits up.

Now for the first time I have put all this invaluable information together on my E-Book and / or CD, Part Time Work, Full Time Money, In Photography. It is the complete infinitive guide from start to finish. Remember, I'm not talking studying everyday, I'm talking about taking photographs that could be selling for you from the day you receive my E-Book and / or CD, Part Time Work, Full Time Money, In Photography. This is no hollow statement, I started making money from the very first day and will show you within my E-Book, step by step, every step of the way. You will even be able to contact me in person if you wish.

It doesn't seem possible, but years ago I was living on the goodwill of others. Literally sleeping on their sofa, and generally getting in their way. It wasn't a nice position to be in. For me it was a major low point. It was a point in my life where it was clear I was going to have to do something. Something major or I was either going to sink or swim.

A major re-assessment of my life and direction was needed. I had nearly completed an apprenticeship in Knightsbridge, London, as a Hairstylist and then good old Vidal Sassoon's company started making major changes and redundancies leaving many keen would-be's  myself included, out of work. Ouch that hurt. Suddenly, from being proud to say who I was working for, I was embarrassed to mention anything about what was. In fear they would laugh or put me down even further (if that was possible) as a reject. I felt I WAS THROWN ON THE SCRAP HEAP, no longer a person but just a number, in the system. I did not know which way to turn. All I knew was I could not afford to fail anymore.

If you had asked me then, where did I see myself in days, weeks, months or even five years from that day, I'd have told you, nowhere. In short, I had no direction, no drive and worst of all no ambition. Have you ever heard the saying "as one door closes, another door opens". Well believe me it's true. There is always another avenue. At the time I couldn't see it. My mind and heart was full of negative thoughts. It was at that time I was to meet up with an old friend. Who (in my eyes) had suddenly hit the big time, with an office in London. This was no tin pot office. I went to visit them and I was ushered to the lift by a fully traditionally suited doorman, and directed to the floor. I couldn't believe it. This was a friend who last time I saw him was living in a little house, couldn't afford to decorate and had no springs in his three piece suite (Oh, that gave me a sore butt). Now, all of a sudden he was controlling thirty five staff and turning over in excess of £100,000 per week. It blew my socks off (phew, what a thought, prepare the gas masks).

"A friend in need is a friend indeed" and that's exactly what he was. He showed and explained to me that we are all born equal and all have exactly the same potential to succeed, if we know how. He spent time with me and I was mesmerized by the information he was to give me that would simply change my life. Days from that meeting I moved into a bachelor flat. A few months later I bought a brand new car, straight off the production line. It was a dream come true. A dream just a short while before I wouldn't dare to imagine. There it was before my eyes, proof to myself that it could be done.

You're probably wondering right now, what it was that made so much of a difference. The sceptics out there will be thinking "There's no way he will reveal that unless you pay loads of money". Not true. I will tell you right now my friend I want you to succeed. I have learnt by helping others to reach their greatest achievements, that we all prosper.

Here is what he said: "To achieve your greatest results in life you need luck". I laughed at that at the time, because to me, in my ignorance, I felt there was nothing new to learn there. It was not until he continued that I realised how shallow my listening was.


Labour Under Correct Knowledge

Well, I didn't know it but that line opened up a whole new world. It was the correct knowledge, not wishful thinking that made me succeed in photography. After years of planning and finally documenting it, that knowledge is now here and available to you in 'Part Time Work, Full Time Money'  

My life has moved on several chapters since then, and I have helped many who were acquaintances and have now become friends, succeed in their chosen profession, photography. I have shown some how to double, treble and quadruple their turnover, and have also done so to my own. I live in a great house far bigger than my parents ever had, and their proud of me. I'll show you how to achieve, how to strive for what you want in life and how to have quality time, with people you choose, your family or your friends whilst still making money.

Once, when I was insecure and unsure of my worth, I would not tell anybody of my new found knowledge, in fear of them rushing off and making more money than me. With me being left behind somewhere in the distance. Well I have learnt that doesn't happen. All I have got from people I have assisted up the ladder is positive. Some of them giving me feedback that has helped me enrich my never ending (almost a hobby now) quest for more enlightening information.

You are about to have a unique insight into photography that has never been documented in this way ever before. Through out this complete collection of information you will see the major contributions, ideas and philosophies of a hugely successful photographer that has had no formal training what so ever.

You will read about the inspirations and motivations that
can drive all of us to our greatest achievements. You
will be given first hand information that has never been
put together in one concise collection. Entwined with
cost saving and money making ideas from around the
world that could easily leave you (as the author does)
enjoying life to the fullest and allowing you to only need
work part time in a great profession.

Please note, this is not a degree course, that will take years to learn. It is not a book-keeping or accountants course. It is a simplified concise approach to making real money in photography with little or no experience using a fairly standard automatic camera. Your current camera will probably do to start with, and a flash would be helpful but not essential to start with. As soon as you get going you will be able to choose the camera you really want, not the one you have to choose because of the cost.

I believe it's not the hours you put into your work,

but the work you put into your hours.

In my view it is essential to have real "quality time" spent with your family and friends, holidays where you want, and you pursue what you want from life.

In other words,

You should be enjoying life to the full.

If you're not, you're doing it wrong.


Make no mistake getting into photography can be very difficult if you go via the conventional manner. I knew many "would be" photographers stopped in there tracks, because they had no experience or had not got the necessary qualifications needed just to get off the starting line.

This is a unique entrance and insight into the world of photography. Its doesn't matter whether your young or old, meek or bold, my EBook Download, CD, or Video will be a great source of information to you, whether you decide to get straight into action or want it in your collection ready for a rainy day. Even if you are looking or have already taken the conventional path to photography you could well gain invaluable tips that will enhance your chances when trying to impress a would be employer or earning more money.

I now get regular orders via the mail and Internet with cheques that I bank most days. If you don't believe you can make it in photography, you can't. But if you believe you could if you knew how, then my information is for you.

If you decide to go for it and really want to succeed in photography, reaping the financial and personal job satisfaction rewards along the way, as I am, it would be great to hear from you as you progress further into your chosen profession. You never know you may still appreciate a little encouragement or advice along the way. And the rest of us may learn one or two things from your experiences. You never know you could even end up on our team. We are currently looking at expanding on an international basis.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dave Quinn currently teaches social photography on a regular basis and has been for the many years. He formed C.V.O.P (Charities & Voluntary Organisations Partnership) in the UK and has advised 1000's of people how to make substantial income from their photographs. He has worked largely with children's, sports and social photography, including wedding and portrait photography. His work has been exhibited to over 100,000 people with most organisations booking annually.

What's Next After reading the above normally you would be told, "Rush your money to" etc. etc. personally I don't always think that's a good idea. I think it's a much better move to read over what has been said many times and decide if you really want to make it in photography. So you're not under pressure to spend, spend, spend. Having said that and you really think photography is for you (or your an existing photographer looking to increase your work) then you will be pleased to hear my 'Part Time Work, Full Time Money' In Photography, will not break the bank.

What We Offer: We have now produced all the essential stages and key points on one complete downloadable E-Book, CD or Video Tape, so you avoid the pit-falls and go straight to results that make phenomenal money yet costs you pennies or dollars. Remember, I started in photography when I had only holiday snap experience 2 or 3 films a year. On my second year of trading I employed 14 people part-time and many more volunteers helped as well. Believe me, if I can do it so can you, if you really want to. My E-Book “Part-Time Work, Full-Time Money” could well get you on the ladder of success in the most exciting profession in the world. Whether you use it as a complete plan towards your ultimate goal or keep it on the shelf as a reference or inspiration if and when your drive is flagging.

PLUS : 100 Other Ways to make serious money in photography;

How To Get FREE Processing;

How to Get FREE Advertising;

How to Double and Treble Your Photographic Income;

and 6 Months Help Line Via E-mail.

The E-Book “Part-Time Work, Full-Time Money” costs only £20 U.K. Pounds and currently includes all above free plus any other offers that may be viewed on the left of this page . You may order a hard copy 'printed on paper' if you would prefer it. Obviously I want you to do well from this venture so you tell others, so if I find anything else that I feel may assist you, I’ll try and include it free as well. To order your E-Book “Part-Time Work, Full-Time Money” click here or on the 'Part Time Work, Full Time Money' picture, download the E-Book now and turn the first positive page in a fun an lucrative adventure.

Most Major Credit Cards Welcome

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The E-Book 'Part Time Work, Full Time Money', In Photography, is in PDF Format. If you need PDF Reading software it is available worldwide FREE on the Internet. If you have any problems I will send it to you.

If you would rather send Cheque from U.K.Bank account ONLY, please make payable to: C.V.O.P.,  and send to

World Photographers
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On the back of the cheque please write your address and email if you would like it emailed to you. 'Hard Copy' if you would like a printed hard copy sent in post. SORRY, For PC ONLY at this time. Not MAC.

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Due to the success of Teaching pupils “hands on” I now hold one or two day courses on “Photo Marketing And Manipulation” The Course fee is £250 U.K. Pounds for up to two people. Remember if you are currently out of work you may be eligible for a grant, see your local job club or job centre. If you are interested please send Please mark it “Course Details Please” .

We may soon be offering "Franchise Set Up". Where we help set up your business completely and get it up and running ready for action and you benefit from our customers and leads. The cost for this service would be approximately £15.000 UK Pounds, for full details or to be kept informed please e-mail.


 You're always welcome to send me an email. I get a real buzz out of hearing from you and your endeavours, and of course what you think of my page, good bad or indifferent.

What ever road you take in life, make it a happy one.

Good luck,

Thank you all, big and small

Dave Quinn




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